Each prospect needs to on the scale at 10, for each of the following 3 points.

1. The product, idea or concept

2. You (they must trust and be able to connect with you)

3. The company (they must trust the company)

Invariably if the company is a Fortune 500, the prospect will naturally feel towards 10 for the first two elements given a big company would only hire decent folks and the product will be decent.

Small companies you’ll need to work on elements 1 and 2.

Then you need to focus on LOGICAL certainty and EMOTIONAL certainty.

Logical certainty means stuff like is the price right compared to the competition, does the idea or thesis that you’ve presented to them make sense> Does your product or service truly fill their needs?

Emotional certainty on the flip side is based on a gut feeling that something must be good. Once it hits us, we feel a craving inside that simply must be fulfilled, even if there’s a heavy price to pay for fulfilling it.

Unlike logical certainty, emotional certainty has to do with painting your prospect a pc Tigre of the future where they’ve bought your product and can see themselves using the product and feeling good as result of it.

We call this technique future pacing, and it serves as the very backbone of how we move someone emotionally.

When you future pace someone, you’re essentially playing out the post buying movie in the best fashion possible – allowing that person to experience your product’s amazing benefits right now, along with the positive feelings they create. The prospect’s needs have been filled; their pain has been resolved; any itch they had has been scratched and they feeling wonderful as a result of it.

Both types of certainty are important and crucial to close.

People buy on emotion, and then justify their decision with logic.

objections are really just smoke screens when someone has some uncertainty somewhere. If a prospect doesn’t want to buy at that time, and gives an excuse “the times not right, I need to chat to my business partner, I need to chat to the wife, I’m not flush right now, can you call back tomorrow, can you send me some information” – these are all smoke screens to politely say no, but this all transcends to an uncertainty they have.

With this, you should never just answer an objective with an answer; as they’ll simply come up with another objection.